Linking Ubiquitin Research to Drug Discovery

Horizon Discovery

Ubiquigent and Horizon entered into a collaboration in May 2016 that allows Ubiquigent to utilise Horizon’s X-MAN® cell lines as part of its ubiquitin system focused Drug Discovery Services.

Ubiquigent’s strategy is to partner and collaborate with those groups with the expertise and technologies that can help support the exploitation of the ubiquitin system for its customers and partners.

Horizon is a world leader in the application of gene editing technologies and has already developed a range of ubiquitin-system knock-out cells lines that includes many deubiquitinating (DUB) enzymes and ubiquitin conjugating enzymes and the capability to develop others as required.  By collaborating together Ubiquigent shares its knowledge of the ubiquitin system to support Horizon as it develops new products in this exciting area and in return has preferential access to Horizon’s cell lines and gene editing technologies for use in its Drug Discovery Services capabilities.

If you’d like to discuss how the use of Horizon’s X-MAN® cell lines and gene editing technology can help your ubiquitin focused research project please click here.