Linking Ubiquitin Research to Drug Discovery


The Centre for Advanced Scientific Technologies (CAST)

Ubiquigent and the University of Dundee entered into an agreement in 2015 formalising a relationship which provides us with access to CAST’s capabilities and expertise to support both our own and our client’s research programmes.

The ubiquitin field and the needs of our customers are evolving rapidly.   A key factor in serving this dynamic market is having access to a wide range of technologies and expertise to support any project that arises.  Our strategy is to form relationships with groups who are experts in their field and combine their expertise with our own ubiquitin-system focused knowledge to deliver the highest quality service to our clients. CAST is one such expert group.

CAST has evolved with the School of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee to support life sciences research and advance the development of highly specialised research tools.  The role of CAST is to enable researchers to address the most challenging scientific questions and to advance the development of highly-specialised research tools across multiple disciplines including mass-spec (proteomics), FACS, X-ray crystallography, imaging, stem cells and sequencing.

Our agreement with CAST allows us to access their capabilities and include experts from CAST in our project teams to support us as we deliver programmes to our clients.