Linking Ubiquitin Research to Drug Discovery


The first compound library comprising novel small molecules designed to target deubiquitylase enzymes

Click on the link below to download a non-confidential summary of DUBtarget™-001 which includes details of how the library was designed and initially characterised by screening it using DUBprofiler™:

DUBtarget-001 non-confidential summary download here

Ubiquigent Ltd and The Drug Discovery Unit at the University of Dundee have jointly developed the first commercially available compound library designed to target deubiquitylase (DUB) enzymes, DUBtarget-001.

The library has been screened against all the DUBs that form part our DUBprofiler – DUB affinity and selectivity profiling – platform.  These data, as well as the physical library, are now available to access to help inform starting points for drug development programmes.

We are now offering parties access to the library, associated data and further characterisation of the compound set using DUBprofiler to support their ubiquitin-system drug discovery programmes.


Commercial Offering

Ubiquigent is now seeking partners interested in gaining access to DUBtarget-001.

The library is available to be accessed in a number of ways, including:

  • In its physical form as either solid or DMSO stock solutions for those wishing to screen it using their in-house assay platforms
  • In a virtual form based on the data generated using DUBprofiler™

If you’re interested in exploring how you can access the DUBtarget-001 DUB targeted library please Contact us directly.