Linking Ubiquitin Research to Drug Discovery

Reference Compound Library

As the ubiquitin field develops, an increasing number of compounds are being reported in the literature as having activity in the ubiquitin-system, in particular in relation to modulation of DUB enzyme activity.

These compounds, as a group, represent a valuable resource both as tools for further investigation of the system and as potentially interesting starting points for drug discovery programmes in their own right.   However, one of the challenges encountered when interpreting data of this type is how to compare multiple datasets that have been generated under different conditions.

To address this we have reviewed the literature and assembled a library of compounds that have been reported as having DUB inhibitor activity. This Reference Compound Library is available for screening as a single collection, either alone or in combination with your own test compounds, against any number of DUBs in our DUBprofiler platform.  Our intention is to provide a route for you to gain access to comparative data generated across multiple DUBs generated from within a single, high quality assay platform that can be used to benchmark your own compounds.

Our DUBprofiler™ platform has been developed in-house and is based on an ubiquitin-rhodamine (110)-glycine substrate based-assay.   The platform allows any number of compounds to be rapidly screened for inhibitor activity across up to 38 individual DUB targets chosen to be representative of all the currently known DUB families. Compounds can be screened initially at single concentration and then at multiple concentrations for IC50 determinations.

If you are interested in learning more about our Reference Compound Library and how we can screen it for you either alone or in combination with your own test compounds, please Contact us directly.