Enabling Protein Degradation Drug Discovery

Collaborative Drug Discovery

Design and development of novel deubiquitylase (DUB) enzyme inhibitors 

Ubiquigent has developed a medicinal and computational chemistry capability to design novel, potent and selective hit compounds targeting multiple DUBs implicated in disease. These compounds and this capability can now be accessed as part of a Collaborative Drug Discovery partnership with Ubiquigent.

Sources of new drug targets, and compounds that can modulate them, are in constant demand by the pharmaceutical industry. The ubiquitin-system, and specifically the DUB enzymes, represent one such source of new drug targets addressing a variety of therapeutic areas, including cancer and neurodegeneration. Ubiquigent has demonstrated that it can leverage its combined chemistry and biology platforms to support protein degradation focused drug discovery via modulation and exploitation of the ubiquitin system, specifically via the development of DUB inhibitors.

The objective of a Collaborative Drug Discovery partnership is to work together to deliver novel lead candidates targeted towards the nominated DUB(s). To achieve this, Ubiquigent can make its own novel compounds available to ‘seed’ new partnerships and where necessary, combine these compounds with additional hit material identified by using other approaches including the application of its proprietary DUBtoolkit. Once an appropriate portfolio of hit material has been identified, compounds are developed through the application of Ubiquigent’s Drug Discovery Screening Platform and other hit-to-lead and lead optimisation focused approaches.



If you would like to learn more about Collaborative Drug Discovery partnerships please contact us at partnerships@ubiquigent.com.