Enabling Protein Degradation Drug Discovery

DUB-Targeted Compound Libraries

Novel starting points for drug discovery programmes

Ubiquigent has developed several novel compound libraries which are evaluated within the Drug Discovery Screening Platform (DDSP), and may become available under a variety of commercial models:

  • DUBtarget™-001 was the first library to be developed and comprises novel small molecules designed to target deubiquitylase (DUB) enzymes. The library has been screened against all the DUBs that form part our DUBprofiler DUB affinity and selectivity profiling platform.  This data, as well as the physical library, are now available to access to provide starting points for drug discovery programmes.

Additional compounds and libraries have been developed which are undergoing evaluation using the Drug Discovery Screening Platform.  Once this evaluation has been completed, compounds may become available either as discrete compound libraries or as part of Collaborative Drug Discovery partnerships.

If you would like to discuss access to any of our DUB-targeted compound libraries please contact us at partnerships@ubiquigent.com.