Linking Ubiquitin Research to Drug Discovery


The easiest way to quickly identify novel DUB inhibitors

Screen your compounds across any or all of the 41 individual DUB targets on our panel of enzymes representative of the entire human DUB superfamily.

Alternatively, access our novel compound library of DUB inhibitors, DUBtarget-001.  We’ve screened our library through the entire DUBprofiler panel and identified novel hit compounds across the panel.  Those data are immediately available to support your DUB focused projects.

DUBprofiler is one of our standard services designed to help you quickly identify DUB (deubiquitylase) inhibitors.  Our service is available in a range of different formats:

  • DUBprofiler SPT for single-point analysis
  • DUBprofiler IC50 for IC50 determinations
  • DUBprofiler HT for screening larger numbers of compounds
    • As part of this service we can offer high precision and accuracy with ultra-low volume compound dispensing (down to 2.5nl) to enable addition of the assay reagents directly to the compound in 100% DMSO. This is particularly suited to screens where compound solubility and availability is a concern.

The key features of our DUBprofiler service. 

DUBprofiler is:

  • Comprehensive – ability to screen across any or all of the 41 individual DUB targets on our panel representative of the entire DUB family
  • Robust – ubiquitin-rhodamine(110)-glycine substrate based-assay with multiple controls
  • Flexible – screen at single concentrations (SPT) or determine IC50 values using standard 8-point half-log concentration-effect curves (IC50)
  • Scalable – screen any combination of compound(s) vs. DUB
  • Efficient – simple service procedure using electronic submission forms (supplied on request)
  • Fast – rapid screening cycles

The process

  • Contact us and let us know what type of screen you require (SPT, IC50 or HT)
  • We’ll send you an electronic submission form that lets you select the compound-DUB combination you require.  We’ll also send you a set of barcoded tubes for submission of your compounds
  • Our submission forms also allow you to generate as many quotations as you like based on different combinations of compound numbers and DUBs
  • Once you’ve finalised your study design, email us the submission form and send us your compounds
  • Once we’ve received the compounds we’ll immediately schedule them for screening and keep you updated on project progress
  • Once complete we’ll send you a fully annotated data report and arrange a post project meeting to answer any questions you might have

To learn more about our DUBprofiler screening services and to discuss your specific requirements, email us at or contact us here.