Enabling Protein Degradation Drug Discovery

Supporting DUB focused research programmes

Ubiquigent is focused on enabling and supporting ubiquitin system drug discovery. Regardless of whether you’re interested in screening for a novel DUB inhibitor, a modulator of a ubiquitin ligase or wish to investigate other ubiquitin system proteins, we have the capabilities to support your research programmes.

In the case of DUB focused research programmes, we can support you in a number of different ways:

  • Research Tools – we have access to one of the widest collection of DUBs available for research use. DUBs can be purchased directly from us for use in your own labs.  Visit our Research Tools section to browse our full collection.
  • DUBprofiler – a compound screening service designed to help you quickly identify DUB inhibitors. It is available in various formats allowing you to screen any number of compounds at any combination of DUBs available our screening panel. DUBprofiler™ has been employed by world leading groups for determination of the affinity and selectivity of DUB targeted compounds in support of their drug discovery programmes.
  • DUBtarget™-001 – one of the first libraries of DUB-targeted small molecules. DUBtarget™-001 has been developed to provide access to novel starting points for drug discovery programmes. The library can be accessed in its physical form (solid and/or DMSO stock solutions) for screening in your in-house assays. Alternatively, we have already screened the library against the full DUB enzyme panel available in our DUBprofiler platform to identify hit compounds. These data are now available for immediate access.
  • Collaborative Drug Discovery– if you are interested in a more collaborative relationship we can combine all our expertise and capabilities to deliver ubiquitin system drug discovery programmes to our partners.  We recently announced such a relationship with Forma Therapeutics focused on the development of novel DUB inhibitors and are now actively seeking further opportunities where we can leverage our platform.

If you would like to explore how our approach could support your DUB focused research programmes, please contact us.