Enabling Protein Degradation Drug Discovery

Technical Support and Customer Service

Coupling an intimate understanding of all elements of the various ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like protein cascades with a practical experience in the handling of the many protein components involved allows Ubiquigent staff to provide its clients with an exceptional level of technical and customer support.

Such support may involve something as simple as advising a post-graduate researcher new to the field, or it may be as complex as designing and implementing a novel assay in a fully automated high-throughput drug discovery screen for a therapeutic area team at a world-leading pharmaceutical company.

With such a cross-disciplinary research environment local to Ubiquigent, it is not surprising that the Company is also cognisant of the importance of addressing the needs of laboratories investigating the interface of the ubiquitin cascade with other cellular systems, in addition to supporting those interested in answering questions regarding the mechanics of the ubiquitin cascade itself.

Ubiquigent’s approach to new product and service development is outward looking and collaborative in nature as demonstrated by our close interactions with academic and industrial collaborators both locally and worldwide.  Ubiquigent reaches out to, and welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with leading ubiquitin research laboratories around the world – both academic and commercial – in order to develop useful reagents, tools, and services to support investigators interested in studying the field.

Technical Support

Ubiquigent’s scientists are available at our laboratories in Dundee, Scotland, UK to answer any questions that you may have regarding our products, kits or services. Please contact us:

  • Tel (UK/EU): +44-(0)1382-381147
  • Tel (International): +1-617-245-0020
  • Tel (US toll free): +1-888-431-3233
  • Fax (International): +44-(0)1382-381247
  • tech.support@ubiquigent.com

Sales Support

Customers based in the US, Canada and Mexico should purchase through Ubiquigent’s distributor:

All other customers should purchase directly from Ubiquigent Ltd., UK:

  • Tel (UK/EU): +44-(0)1382-381147
  • Tel (International): +1-617-245-0020
  • Fax (International): +44-(0)1382-381247
  • sales.support@ubiquigent.com

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