Enabling Protein Degradation Drug Discovery

Below is a resource of collected experimental data and commentary to support the use of Ubiquigent’s products and services. While products and services are validated and demonstrated in a number of informative applications on these Notes, this list of uses is not exhaustive. Nevertheless it is our intention that demonstrating the use of Ubiquigent’s products and services in greater depth (for a specific application) will provide informative guidance for other potential applications.

Validation and Utility of the Ubiselect™ Kit

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The post-translational modification of proteins by ubiquitin is involved in a wide range of cellular processes (Kirkin and Dikic, 2007). In any given cell the proportion of protein modified by ubiquitin is very small therefore it has been difficult to… Read More »

Validation and Experimental Utility of the DUBscan™ Kit

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The DUBscan Kit has been flexibly designed for many potential applications. One application that might be of greatest interest is the identification of DUB enzymes which support the deubiquitylation of substrate proteins. The kit contains a DUBscan plate (a panel… Read More »

Validation and Experimental Utility of the E2scan™ Kit v2

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The E2scan Kit version 2 is designed to facilitate the identification of E2 conjugating enzymes which support the ubiquitylation of substrate proteins catalysed by an E3 ligase and/or the auto-ubiquitylation of the E3 ligase itself. The kit contains an E2scan… Read More »