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Validation and Experimental Utility of the DUBscan™ Kit

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The DUBscan Kit has been flexibly designed for many potential applications. One application that might be of greatest interest is the identification of DUB enzymes which support the deubiquitylation of substrate proteins.

The kit contains a DUBscan plate (a panel of DUBs arrayed across 47 wells of a 96 well plate) plus a control ubiquitylation reaction mix for performing both positive and negative control deubiquitylation reactions. Through the addition of your own DUB substrate of interest to the wells of a DUBscan plate you can screen the DUB enzyme panel in just one hour. Reaction products may be analysed as required, for example by SDS-PAGE and Western blotting using specific antibodies. One kit contains all the reagents and buffers necessary to perform a DUBscan of the panel of 47 DUB assay wells.

  • Validation and Experimental Utility of the DUBscan™ Kit