Linking Ubiquitin Research to Drug Discovery

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The University of Dundee

Ubiquigent and the University of Dundee have a long standing relationship in the ubiquitin field. Ubiquigent are the University’s exclusive commercialisation partner for all ubiquitin related Research Tools developed by the University.  Access to this vast array of reagents and associated expertise, has helped Ubiquigent establish itself as key partner for those working in the Ubiquigent field. Keep Reading


The Centre for Advanced Scientific Technologies (CAST)

Ubiquigent and the University of Dundee entered into an agreement in 2015 formalising a relationship which provides us with access to CAST’s capabilities and expertise to support both our own and our client’s research programmes. Keep Reading

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Ubiquigent and Cyclofluidic Limited, a leading medicinal chemistry company based on an innovative integrated discovery technology platform, entered into a collaboration in 2015 to develop novel targeted compound libraries that specifically target the ubiquitin system. Keep Reading

Horizon Discovery

Ubiquigent and Horizon entered into a collaboration in May 2016 that allows Ubiquigent to utilise Horizon’s X-MAN® cell lines as part of its ubiquitin system focused Drug Discovery Services. Keep Reading