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    E2 Scan Kit version 2
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The E2scan™ Kit version 2 is designed to facilitate the identification of E2 conjugating enzymes which support the ubiquitylation of substrate proteins catalysed by an E3 ligase and/or the auto-ubiquitylation of the E3 ligase itself.

The kit contains an E2scan™ plate: A panel of 34 E2 conjugating enzymes arrayed in duplicate across a 96-well plate plus all the components (E1 enzyme, control E3 ligase, ubiquitin, ATP, assay buffer) required to perform a complete substrate ubiquitylation or auto-ubiquitylation assay using your E3 ligase and/or E3 ligase/substrate combination of choice. Through the addition of a substrate mix (E1, E3, substrate, and ubiquitin) and then ATP to the wells of an E2scan plate you can screen the E2 conjugating enzyme panel in just one hour. Reaction products may be analysed as required, for example by SDS-PAGE or Western blotting using specific antibodies.

Utility of the E2scan™ Kit version 2

Ubiquigent’s E2scan™ Kit version 2 will help you to address many fundamental questions in your ubiquitin system research. Potential kit applications are listed below:

  • Identify the E2(s) which couple with your E3 ligase of interest.
  • Determine which E2s support auto and/or substrate-ubiquitylation with your E3.
  • Help define mechanisms of E3/E2 interactions through the comparison of E2scan data between wild-type and modified versions of the E3 under evaluation.
  • Investigate E3 intra-family E2 selectivity.
  • Explore the E2 ‘priming theory’.
  • Explore potential E2 inhibitors and/or activators.