DUBprofiler - September Offer

August 11th, 2023 / News

Take your DUB-focused research and drug discovery further with discounted access to DUBprofiler

Ubiquigent is offering a 20% discount on all DUBprofiler™-HT assays for compounds submitted in September 2023!

DUBprofiler™ is an extensively validated and widely cited assay that can establish the potency and selectivity of DUB-targeting compounds in vitro. A robust ubiquitin-rhodamine(110)-glycine enzymatic based-assay, DUBprofiler comprises a comprehensive DUB enzyme panel representative of the entire human deubiquitinases family.

Example applications of DUBprofiler include:

• Profile your compounds at single concentrations (SPT) against the most extensive panel of DUBs to establish selectivity.
• Determine the potency of your hit compounds towards specific DUBs of interest by determining IC50 values using standard 8-point ½-log dose response.
• Perform a hit finding screening campaign against DUB targets of therapeutic interest and potentially discover novel chemical matter from your compound libraries.
• Test your compounds for Off-Target activity against our panel of DUBs.

We only require a small amount of compound (typically 100 µL at 100x the final screening concentration in 100% DMSO).

How can you take advantage of this offer? As an existing customer, you can simply submit a study request using your personalised DUBprofiler-HT Excel submission form. New customers should send a request via Scientist.com or Science Exchange.

Did you know we can also now profile the selectivity of your compounds in disease-relevant cells or tissues – the perfect complement to DUBprofiler. Click to find out more about our DUBprofiler-Cell and DUBprofiler-Tissue assays.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

DUBprofiler forms an integral part of our DUB-centric platform for DUB inhibitor, DUB-targeting PROTAC, and DUBTAC discovery and development. You can discover our full range of assays, expertise, and capabilities here.

Terms and conditions:

  • The offer is valid for a limited time only.
  • The offer is only valid for new DUBprofiler-HT project requests. Existing customer project requests and/or quotes are not included in this discounted promotion.
  • Compounds must be received to Ubiquigent by September 30, 2023, otherwise standard pricing will be implemented.
  • Data will be reported back to customer by no later than October 31, 2023.
  • Ubiquigent reserves the right to remove this promotional pricing at any time.
  • Standard minimum project price still applies, contact us for details.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, invoices for projects will be raised on receipt of compounds at Ubiquigent, and are subject to our standard 30 day payment terms.