End-to-end platform for DUB-focused drug discovery and development

Our specialised drug discovery platform and long-standing expertise is empowering scientists to develop DUB inhibitors, DUB-targeting PROTACs, and DUBTACs into exciting new medicines

Ubiquigentâ„¢ has the assays, expertise, and capabilities to drive forward every step in the drug discovery workflow for DUB-focused therapeutic applications, from targeting DUBs as the drug target to harnessing them for the modulation or stabilisation of a given disease protein.

Harness Ubiquigent's platform for the discovery and development of DUB inhibitors and DUB-targeting PROTACs

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Harness Ubiquigent's platform for the development of DUBTACS

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Chemistry expertise to design novel compounds

Proprietary DUB-targeting compounds

Novel compounds to provide new starting points for DUB-focused drug discovery programmes

Ubiquigent has a growing collection of novel DUB-targeting compounds that have been evaluated across our suite of comprehensive biochemical and cellular assays. These compounds represent a valuable resource for identifying new starting points for DUB-focused drug discovery programmes.

Highly experienced chemists in DUB drug discovery

Our chemists have worked on the design and development of DUB-binding ligands for our internal pipeline and on behalf of our clients

Ubiquigent chemists are experienced at applying computational and medicinal skills to the design of DUB ligands, encompassing covalent and non-covalent compounds, and compounds with an allosteric mechanism of action. They also have substantial experience in developing orally bioavailable heterobifunctional molecules.

Access to a range of relevant technologies through our growing network of collaborators and industry experts, including in structural biology

Ubiquigent has established a network of academic and industrial partners to augment our own experience, including structural biology, mass spectrometry and individual DUB target-based expertise. These existing partnerships alongside new collaborations, as appropriate, can be leveraged to offer our clients an even more comprehensive DUB-focused partnership.

How we can work in partnershipDiscover how we can work in partnership to exploit DUBs and the UPS

Our end-to-end platform is driving the discovery and development of DUB inhibitors, DUB-targeting PROTACs, and DUBTACs

Discover how our platform can enable your DUB-focused drug discovery programme