Ubiquigent celebrates milestone anniversary of DUBprofiler™ compound profiling platform

December 14th, 2021 / News

Dundee, UK, 14th December 2021: Today, Ubiquigent Limited (Ubiquigent) celebrates the 10th anniversary of its DUBprofiler™ compound profiling platform together with KSQ Therapeutics joining its expanding customer base.

Over the last 10 years Ubiquigent has profiled thousands of compounds across hundreds of studies on behalf of research groups located within pharma and biotech companies as well as many academic institutions. These groups share the common goal of seeking to identify novel deubiquitylase (DUB) enzyme inhibitors as potential new therapeutics.

KSQ Therapeutics approached Ubiquigent to evaluate a number of its novel compounds, one of which has subsequently become the first DUB inhibitor to enter clinical development. Ubiquigent rapidly profiled KSQ’s compounds across its full DUBprofiler™ enzyme panel, demonstrating their inhibition of USP1 and selectivity profile.

DUBprofiler™ is one of the most highly cited and comprehensive deubiquitylase (DUB) enzyme profiling platforms available. Its constantly expanding panel of human DUB enzymes is one of the most efficient ways to identify novel DUB inhibitors and establish their selectivity and potency.

DUBprofiler™ forms a key part of Ubiquigent’s Drug Discovery Screening Platform and is typically the first step in the evaluation of potential modulators of DUBs. Once profiled, compounds can be rapidly advanced into other DUB focused cell-based assays such as DUBprofiler-Cell™ to determine compound-cellular DUB target engagement and DUB selectivity in cells, as well as into custom assays designed to address target-specific questions.

Ubiquigent’s CEO, Jason Mundin commented: “This milestone anniversary for Ubiquigent is testament to those within our company who recognised the emerging need for a robust platform that could support the development of DUB-targeting compounds. We look forward to continuing to develop the DUBprofiler™ platform alongside our other capabilities to support those working in this developing field. We would also like to wish KSQ Therapeutics every success with their programme as it progresses through the clinic”.