Ubiquigent Ltd announces the appointment of Cosmo Bio USA Inc as their sole north American product distributor

January 17th, 2013 / News

**Dundee, UK, 17th January 2013 - Ubiquigent Ltd. today announced the appointment of Cosmo Bio USA Inc. as their sole North American Distributor. Commenting on the appointment Ubiquigent's Managing Director Dr Jason Brown said; “Ubiquigent are delighted to be appointing Cosmo Bio USA as our sole North American Distributor thus providing our customers with a convenient next-day service in this territory. There already exists an established and strong relationship between our two companies and most importantly we believe that Cosmo Bio USA will provide our North American customers with the very highest level of customer service. We will be providing Cosmo Bio USA with all the support that they need to fulfil their role."

“Our appointment as Ubiquigent's sole North American distributor gives ubiquitin researchers in the US, Canada, and Mexico convenient, next-day access to Ubiquigent's entire portfolio of cutting edge reagent products while at the same time adding significant breadth and depth to Cosmo Bio USA's existing catalog of products for life science research. The close working relationship between our companies further ensures that Ubiquigent's North American customers will continue to receive both excellent customer service and technical support." added Edward Rosen, Vice President and General Manager of Cosmo Bio USA Inc.

About Ubiquigent

Ubiquigent Limited is a specialist developer and supplier of high quality reagents, kits and drug discovery assay development and compound profiling services to the life science research community worldwide. Ubiquigent's scientific and business interests have a clear focus; namely the ubiquitin, ubiquitin-like and integrated signalling systems. The company has established its scientific and business credentials with both academic researchers undertaking fundamental scientific discovery as well as with pharmaceutical and biotechnology company scientists exploring the potential of ubiquitin cascade-focused drug discovery.

Ubiquigent contact details: http://www.ubiquigent.com/company/contact

About Cosmo Bio USA Inc.

Cosmo Bio USA Inc. (Carlsbad, CA) specializes in the North American distribution of life science research reagents and related research biotools. Cosmo Bio USA's product line comprises thousands of high performance Japan-made products as well as products from carefully selected ex-Japan manufacturers including Ubiquigent Ltd. (UK), Axis-Shield (Norway), and Cusabio Biotech (China). As a wholly owned subsidiary of Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd., one of Japan's largest and most respected distributors, Cosmo Bio USA's experience in the distribution field ensures that its customers receive high value products backed by courteous and helpful pre-sales support, customer service, and expert technical support.

Cosmo Bio USA Inc. contact details: info@cosmobiousa.com