UBE2B (HR6B) [6His-tagged]

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20 µg
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Alternate Product Size
100 µg
Certificate of Analysis Size
20 µg
E. coli expression
20 μg
1 mg/ml
50 mM HEPES pH 7.5, 150 mM sodium chloride, 2 mM dithiothreitol, 10% glycerol
Molecular Weight
~20 kDa
12 months at -70°C; aliquot as required
Protein Sequence
Accession number: NP_003328. For full protein sequence information download the Certificate of Analysis pdf.
QA; Protein Identification
Confirmed by mass spectrometry.
QA Activity

E2-Ubiquitin Thioester Loading Assay: The activity of His-UBE2B was validated by loading E1 UBE1 activated ubiquitin onto the active cysteine of the His-UBE2B E2 enzyme via a transthiolation reaction. Incubation of the UBE1 and His-UBE2B enzymes in the presence of ubiquitin and ATP at 30°C was compared at two time points, T0 and T10 minutes. Sensitivity of the ubiquitin/His-UBE2B thioester bond to the reducing agent DTT was confirmed.



The enzymes of the ubiquitylation pathway play a pivotal role in a number of cellular processes including regulated and targeted proteasomal degradation of substrate proteins. Three classes of enzymes are involved in the process of ubiquitylation; activating enzymes (E1s), conjugating enzymes (E2s) and protein ligases (E3s). UBE2B is a member of the E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme family and cloning of the human gene was first described by Koken et al. (1991). UBE2B shares 70% identity with its yeast homologue but lacks the acidic C-terminal domain. The ring finger proteins RAD5 and RAD18 interact with UBE2B and other members of the RAD6 pathway (Notenboom et al., 2007; Ulrich and Jentsch, 2000). In complex UBE2B and RAD18 trigger replication fork stalling at DNA damage sites during the post replicative repair process (Tsuji et al., 2008). Null mutations of the UBE2B gene in mice are associated with structural abnormalities in sperm and SNP analysis of human UBE2B variants has provided evidence for association of this gene with male infertility (Escalier et al., 2003; Suryavathi et al., 2008).


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