Mono and Polyubiquitylated conjugates, mAb (FK2) Biotin linked

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BALB/C Mouse implantation ascites
25 µg
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10mM phosphate buffer, 0.15M NaCl PH7.4, 0.1% sodium azide
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12 months at -70°C; aliquot as required
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Anti-Mono and Polyubiquitylated Conjugates mAb (FK2) Biotin-linked Antibody Activity Assay:The activity of the anti-mono and polyubiquitylated conjugates mAb (FK2) biotin-linked antibody was tested for its ability to recognise mono and polyubiquitin conjugates (Lanes 2 and 3) but not free ubiquitin (Lane1). By Western blotting the specific recognition of mono and polyubiquitin conjugates by the antibody over free ubiquitin was demonstrated (Figure 1). In a priming and extension assay containing, UBE1 [6His-tagged] (Cat# 61-0001), UBE2W [6His-tagged] (Cat# 62-0085), UBE2N [untagged] (Cat# 62-0047), UBE2V1 [untagged] (Cat#62-0059), Ubiquitin (Cat# 60-0001), CHIP [untagged] (Cat# 63-0003) and ATP. Using the antimono and polyubiquitylated conjugates mAb (FK2) biotin-linked antibody, detection of polyubiquitin chains extending from mono-ubiquitylated CHIP (Lane 1) and free chains generated by UBE2N/UBE2V1 in the presence of CHIP (Lane 3) were observed. In the absence of CHIP, only the background detection of free polyubiquitin chains generated by UBE2N/UBE2V1 was observed (Lanes 5 and 7) (Figure 2).


The anti-mono and polyubiquitylated conjugates mAb (FK2) demonstrates specific recognition for monoubiquitylated and polyubiquitylated proteins but shows no reactivity with free ubiquitin (Fujimoro et al. 1994). The anti-mono and polyubiquitylated conjugates mAb (FK2) has been extensively characterised and used not only to investigate ubiquitin chain formation on mono and polyubiquitylated proteins by Western blotting but also in the detection of intracellular polyubiquitin chains in immunoassays (Takada et al. 1995; Fujimoro et al. 2005). The biotin linked anti-mono and polyubiquitylated conjugates mAb (FK2) facilitates the detection of mono and polyubiquitylated conjugates with the use of a streptavidin HRP conjugate.


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Fujimuro M, Yokosawa H (2005) Production of antipolyubiquitin monoclonal antibodies and their use for characterization and isolation of polyubiquitinated proteins. Methods Enzymol 399 75-86.