Ubiquitin Binding Proteins 8 Products

Ubiquitin chains may be formed through the linkage of the C-termini of one (distal) ubiquitin to one of seven (K6, K11, K27, K29, K33, K48 or K63) Lysyl side chains or to the alpha-amino group on the N-terminus of a proximal ubiquitin; and so on to generate a chain.

Name Cat No. Size Price
NEMO (D311N) [GST-tagged] 66-1013-050 50 µg £330 View
NEMO [GST-tagged] 66-1002-050 50 µg £330 View
Optineurin (D474N) [GST-tagged] 66-1014-050 50 µg £330 View
Optineurin [GST-tagged] 66-1005-050 50 µg £330 View
S5a [GST-tagged] 66-2001-050 50 µg £130 View
S5a [untagged] 66-2002-050 50 µg £130 View
TOLLIP [GST-tagged] 66-1016-050 50µg £330 View
TOM1 [GST-tagged] 66-1015-050 50µg £330 View