Targeted Protein Degradation, 24th - 25th October, Boston

October 24th, 2018 to October 25th, 2018 / Events

Ubiquigent will be attending the upcoming Targeted Protein Degradation conference in Boston, MA.

Jason Brown (Scientific and Business Development Director) will also be presenting on day one of the conference at 10am:

‘Case Study: A chemistry and Assay Platform for Addressing Ubiquitin System and Protein Degradation Drug Targets: Opportunities for Hit-to-Lead Collaborative Drug Discovery’.


  • We will discuss Ubiquigent’s deubiquitylase (DUB) enzyme small molecule hit-to-lead platform featuring: Novel DUB-targeted chemical libraries developed by our in-house computational and medicinal chemistry capabilities and a comprehensive small molecule assay workflow featuring our widely accessed DUBtarget™ libraries and DUBprofiler and REDOXprofiler service platforms
  • The company also has significant capabilities to target other ubiquitin system proteins – including E3 ligases – and is developing a platform to provide PROTAC hit-to-lead SAR support
  • Commercial access models: Ubiquigent is providing access to its comprehensive capabilities to execute early stage hit-to-lead programmes via our Collaborative Drug Discovery programme. Individual services may also be accessed via Fee For Service (FFS) or FTE routes

If you’d like to learn more about our activities in the ubiquitin field and/or arrange a meeting at the conference, please contact us directly.