Critical counter-screening assay that separates false positives from genuine hits

Redox cycling compounds (RCCs) generate hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in the presence of strong reducing agents, which are common buffer components used to maintain the catalytic activity and/or folding of target proteins for high throughput screening (HTS) assays. H2O2 generated by RCCs can indirectly inhibit the catalytic activity of proteins by oxidizing accessible cysteine, thereby creating false positives in the screening phase of DUB inhibitor drug discovery programmes.

REDOXprofiler™ comprises two complementary RCC detection assays to separate false positives from genuine hits, in the context of a specific DUB: REDOXprofiler-Resazurin and REDOXprofiler-Cat/SOD. REDOXprofiler-Resazurin can detect RCCs independent of the target class and, though specifically designed for the analysis of DUB inhibitors, REDOXprofiler-Cat/SOD can be adapted to address other targets.