Enabling Protein Degradation Drug Discovery

Mark Treherne PhD, Chairman of the Board

Mark has over 25 years’ experience in drug discovery and development and has raised over £140 million for life science companies. He has served on the boards of fifteen private and public companies and is currently a director of Cyclofluidic, Domain Therapeutics, Talisman Therapeutics and Avilex Pharma. Previously, Mark was Chief Executive of Senexis and co-founded Cambridge Drug Discovery as Chief Executive in 1997, which he sold in 2001 to BioFocus plc, which was then subsequently acquired by Galapagos. Mark also worked at Pfizer to lead its neurodegeneration research team in the UK. Prior to that, Mark held a Senior Faculty position at the Biozentrum in Basel and has a B.Sc. in Physiology from St Andrews University (1983) and a Ph.D. in receptor neuropharmacology from the University of Cambridge (1987).

Jason Mundin MBA, Managing Director, Board Member

Jason has over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.   He joined Ubiquigent in 2015 as Commercial Director taking responsibility for the company’s commercial activities and took over as Managing Director in January of 2018.  Jason began his career as a research scientist at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), where he focused on cardiovascular disease research. He moved from GSK into the biotech sector, where he joined a team that founded Pharmagene Laboratories: a company that focused on drug discovery through the application of human-tissue-based approaches. At Pharmagene he transitioned to a commercial role, taking responsibility for business development activities in the UK, US and Japan. Following his time at Pharmagene Jason held a number of commercial positions within small and medium-sized biotech companies and prior to joining Ubiquigent headed strategic alliances for the European Bioinformatics Institute, an outstation of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). Jason gained his BSc from the University of Hertfordshire whilst at GSK and his MBA from Imperial College London.

Jason Brown PhD, Scientific and Business Development Director, Board Member

Jason co-founded Ubiquigent in 2009 in collaboration with the University of Dundee, the Medical Research Council and Stemgent Inc. Before starting Ubiquigent he was part of a biotech investment and operations group and involved in supporting a molecular diagnostics, kinase drug discovery and various other drug discovery-focused service companies as well as evaluating investment opportunities. Prior to this he built and ran a kinase-focused assay development and drug discovery service facility for Upstate Biotechnology, a leading provider of cell signalling research products and services. Jason received his MPhil and DPhil from the University of Cambridge in association with Parke-Davis/Warner-Lambert (Pfizer), during which he identified a voltage-dependent calcium channel subunit as the molecular target of the blockbuster epilepsy and neuropathic pain drugs Neurontin and Lyrica. After his DPhil Jason worked in and subsequently ran an assay development group for Parke-Davis.

Laurence Ede, Board Member

Laurence is the former Managing Director and co-owner of Tocris Bioscience, a specialist life science reagent business providing bioactive chemicals, peptides and antibodies to researchers worldwide.  During his time with the business Laurence set-up and ran Tocris’ wholly owned US subsidiary and had overall responsibility for Tocris’ product development, marketing, sales and distribution activities.  In 2006 Laurence led a Management Buyout from the founder shareholders and subsequently oversaw the sale of Tocris to Techne Corporation in 2011.  Laurence has a BSc in Chemistry from Reading University and an MBA from the University of Bath.

Ian Ratcliffe, Board Member

Ian Ratcliffe founded Stemgent – a stem cell reagent and service company – in 2008 and serves as its Executive Chairman. Stemgent acquired Asterand Plc’s Human Tissue Business in July 2012. Previously Ian was President of Upstate Biotechnology, a leading provider of cell signalling research products and services which was acquired by Serologicals, Corp. in 2004. Ian is also the Chairman of Enzymatics, a manufacturer of molecular biology reagents and a director of Global Cell Solutions, a biotech company commercialising proprietary 3D cell culture technology. Ian is a General Partner with Keswick Ventures and has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Surrey and an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia.