For all our partnerships, we believe in the strength of flexibility and collaboration

Ubiquigent is focused on the exploitation of DUB enzymes and the UPS for drug discovery

As pioneers in this field, we have developed not only an extensive drug discovery platform, but also a growing portfolio of novel DUB inhibitors, DUB-targeting PROTACs and DUBTACs.

Our flexible, collaborative approach has allowed us to build an unrivalled track record as the partner chosen by many leading industry companies and academic organisations to support their deubiquitinase (DUB)-focused drug discovery programmes.

Our partnerships range from strategic and commercial to bespoke CRO and licensing agreements.

Through our own network of academic partners, collective experience in protein degradation focussed drug discovery, and a deep knowledge of ubiquitin system assays and medicinal chemistry, Ubiquigent™ scientists complement customers’ disease-specific expertise to help in the discovery of genuine drug candidates.

Leveraging our platform, we are also building a pipeline of novel IP and drug discovery programmes addressing a range of unmet diseases. We are currently developing DUB inhibitors and DUB-targeting PROTACs against key drug targets in oncology and neurodegeneration, including USP1, USP7, USP30, as well as DUBTACs against undisclosed targets in oncology. For these we are looking for commercialisation and/or out-licensing partners.

If you are also seeking to exploit DUBs and the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) for the development of novel therapeutics, we would welcome the opportunity to explore how we could harness our platform, capabilities, and assets in partnership with you.

Our flexible approach to partnerships ranges from strategic and commercial to CRO and licencing agreements

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