Growing pipeline of DUB inhibitors, DUB-targeting PROTACs and DUBTACs

Discover our internal asset pipeline of novel DUB inhibitors, DUB-targeting PROTACs and DUBTACs across therapeutic areas of high unmet need

Implicated in a wide range of disease states, the DUB enzymes represent an exciting class of drug targets, and can also be harnessed to modulate the stability or function of other protein targets

Modulation of deubiquitinase (DUB) function by DUB inhibitors, DUB-targeting Proteolysis Targeting Chimeras (PROTACs), and DUB-targeting Chimeras (DUBTACs) opens up new opportunities for the development of novel therapeutics. Though largely untapped for this purpose, DUBs and the discovery of DUB modulators is now gaining pace in the continued pursuit to drug the undruggable.

Ubiquigentâ„¢ is developing an internal asset pipeline across core therapeutic areas, with active programmes to develop DUB inhibitors, DUB-targeting PROTACs and DUBTACs. We will continue to develop our pipeline in-house as well as explore the potential to progress our assets through partnerships with pharma, biotech, and academic-based collaborators.

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Our IP portfolio is available through partnering and licencing deals as potential new starting points for your DUB drug discovery programme.

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