Enabling Protein Degradation Drug Discovery

Sheelagh Frame PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Sheelagh has over 25 years’ experience in oncology drug discovery and development. She joined Ubiquigent in 2018 as Head of Biology taking responsibility for the company’s operations in Dundee, and becoming CSO in 2021. Sheelagh began her career as a postdoctoral research scientist at Onyx Pharmaceuticals in California, USA. She then returned to Scotland to take up positions with Professor Sir Philip Cohen within the Division of Signal Transduction Therapy consortium at the University of Dundee, and subsequently as a translational research scientist and Program Manager at Cyclacel Limited before moving to Ubiquigent. Sheelagh gained her BSc Hons in Molecular Biology from the University of Edinburgh and her PhD in Medicine from the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, which is affiliated to the University of Glasgow.