Enabling Protein Degradation Drug Discovery

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April 2015: PINK1-Parkin products

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Data supports a model in which the optimal activation of Parkin is regulated by a dual mechanism requiring both phosphorylation of its Ubl domain at Ser65 and the binding to Parkin of ubiquitin phosphorylated at Ser65. Critically Ser65 phosphorylation of… Read More »

April 2015: Phospho-Ubiquitin products

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Several variants of phosphorylated ubiquitin - with as yet undefined functions - have been reported in the literature. Phosphoproteomic studies have identified the presence of phosphorylated peptides demonstrating homology to proteins of the Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway (UPP) including ubiquitin, ubiquitin… Read More »

January 2015: Cullin Ring Ligase (CRL) products

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The cullin-RING ubiquitin ligases (CRLs) are a superfamily of multi-component RING-E3 complexes that comprise a cullin scaffold protein and a catalytic RING subunit, Rbx1 or Rbx2. To date, seven closely related cullin proteins, Cul1, Cul2, Cul3, Cul4A, Cul4B, Cul5 and… Read More »

Summer 2014: Targeted Chemical Libraries

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Although the widespread use of target-focused libraries has led to the rapid expansion of novel chemistry as research tools in drug discovery to exploit many classes of drug target, the ubiquitin system still remains a largely untapped medicinal chemistry opportunity.… Read More »

February 2014: UBIQUInews; Edition Number 1

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Therapeutic Areas and the Ubiquitin System: For researchers considering the ubiquitin system as a potential new route to investigating disease mechanisms, and possibly a new source of drug discovery targets to consider, we present a guide and a resource to… Read More »