Proprietary toolkit for mapping the active DUBome in diseased vs non-diseased human or animal tissues, cells, or subcellular compartments

DUBatlas™ is a proprietary toolkit that integrates public domain data sources and unique DUB activity data generated by Ubiquigent™ across relevant cell lines, animal tissues (model and regulatory species) and human tissue (diseased and non-diseased).

Supporting DUB target identification and validation and allowing appropriate DUBs to be selected as the basis for DUBTAC development, where the correct pairing of drug target and DUB will be vital, DUBatlas offers a range of information on each DUB family member, including:

  • Tissue specificity
  • Subcellular localisation
  • Catalytic activity
  • Ligandability
  • Enzyme structure
  • Linkage specificity

DUBatlas will form an integral part of DUBseeker, a comprehensive set of assays to underpin the development of DUBTACs. Contact us to learn more.